4th April 2020

Harrison & Quinny step down

Harrison & Quinny at Twickenham

As some of you may have seen in the Old Otliensians closed facebook group, Harrison and Quinny have stepped down from their coaching roles from OORUFC and do so with the full blessing of myself, Gordon, Tempo and Sam and I'm sure from the rest of the committee too.

They have very valid reasons for stepping down, Harrison is moving away from Yorkshire for work and Quinny has decided that after 40 years of rugby, now is the time for him to step down too.

Clearly we and they would have preferred to have said goodbye in better circumstances, however, with the pandemic, this was not possible with the season ending early and the club dinner getting cancelled.

When this pandemic is all over and we can socially gather again, we would like to organise some kind of end of season club social at Chaffers Field where Harrison and Quinny will get the opportunity to have the proper goodbye that they deserve for their efforts and commitment to the club over the past three seasons.

The next committee meeting is soon although it will be a virtual meeting over Skype. Obviously, one thing for discussion will be our next steps in terms of coaching - we will need to get communication out there to try and open up the field.

In the meantime, if you know of anybody who might be interested in the role or in any coaching capacity, please put them through to the chairman, Ben Featherstone (details on the contact page).

Here are a couple of personal messages from Quinny & Harrison.

Stephen Quinn:
“There comes a time in life when you have to look forward to other things, It’s my time to look forward to other things. I have coached at “Ensians” for 3 seasons and have had some wonderful moments, working with some really honest people. As a person that has had 40 odd years of either playing or coaching rugby. It is personally very sad for me to say goodbye to those roles I have had in rugby. I would like to thank all the players that I have worked with over the last 3 seasons, you are the ones that have given me the wonderful moments which I will always have that NOBODY can take away from me.
All my admiration

“After three years at the club I am stepping down as coach of Old Otliensians. I am having to do this because I cannot be a student forever and I am having to leave Yorkshire. It has been an incredible three years, in which I have learnt so much an enjoyed and loved every moment (both on and off the field). Thank you very much to ALL the players I have worked with over this time, all of you have helped to create some very especial memories. That can be from winning at Twickenham to just taking the piss out of each other on a cold rainy night at the club. The club has a very special place in my heart, and I will continue to track the progress of the club and of course will definitely be back to enjoy some good rugby and a few San Miguels. It is unfortunate the season has ended the way it has but hopefully when the virus has been dealt with, we can all have one last piss up to remember all the good times. Thank you so much.