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OORUFC 1stXV 22pts vs Old Rishworthians 20 pts

Old Rishworthians miss this the final kick of the game and lose 22 points to 20

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Ensians entertained the current league leaders Old Rishworthians. Due to unforeseen weather problems over the past few weeks neither team came into the game with any form.

Earlier in the season Old Rishworthians were 20-19 winners against Ensians in what can only be described as a surprise result. Ensians dominated the game and due to two unforced errors which Old Rishworthians capitalised on, Ensians were unfortunate to lose.

Ensians made numerous changes to the team including Tim Rushforth replacing Richard Goakes , Matthew Taylor in first game appearance of the season and Michael Philpott also started his first team game of the season in the position of flanker.

Ensians started the game as the brighter of the two sides and were unlucky not to be given penalties for misdemeanours from Old Rishworthians. At times the game seemed frantic and play was frequently occupied within both sides 22. However, good play by the forward pack most notably Holland, Arbuckle, Philpott and Gray meant that Ensians were able to turn over the Rishworthians possession. In the first 20 minutes of this game Ensians exchanged penalties with Old Rishworthians, Fozzard was able to bring the score to 6-6.

When players are having an off day, it can sometimes be disguised within a team, however this can not be said for a referee who can find themselves isolated. However their is no point in blaming the ref for one or two decisons which are against you. There are numerous chances to win a game, the outcome is based on a series of events not one of two questionable decisoins.We all love a scapegoat, but this should never be a match offical who tried hard to keep this game flowing.

Ensians found themselves on the end of many frustrating decisions, which allowed Old Rishworthians to gain the upper hand. It was on one such occasion that the referee awarded a penalty try to Old Rishworthians when a scrum had clearly dispersed. This was against the run of play and Old Rishworthians found themselves leading 13-6.

Good play by K Keinhorst, Tim Rushworth, Mark Coultas and the dependable Lee O’Donnell meant that Ensians were able to take play into the Rishworthians half at will. On one such occasion after numerous misdemeanours Ensians were awarded a penalty underneath the posts. Fozzard converted to make the score 13-9.

Half-time score Ensians 9, Old Rishworthians 13

Twist replaced Cook, Jonny R replaced N Keinhorst. Ensians had been the most consistent side and were unfortunate not to be leading this game. With the introduction of Twist, the scrum became steady and Ensians started to gain the upper hand in set plays. Good interactions between Lyons, Myers, Duggan and Gray meant that Ensians were able to gain good field positions. On such occasion, the ball was swiftly moved down the back line. Good interpassing by all team members meant that the move over 50 yards was scored by Fozzard who was unable to convert, leaving the score at 14-13. Philpott was replaced by Matthew Taylor. M coultas was able to drop a goal late in the second half. 17-13

Further confusing decisions by the referee lead to a try for Old Rishworthians but Ensians were not disheartened and staged a stirring rally which meant Old Rishworthians were occupied within their own 22. Only on occasions were Old Rishworthians able to leave their half. Some good work by Johnny R, again fabulous support play and interpassing by the team meant that James Holland was able to burst through from inside the Ensians half to score a unconverted try. Score 22-13. Old Rishworthians were able to score late on in the game to make the score a more respectable 22-20.

The final score makes it look as though this was a close encounter, however it was not. Ensians dominated in all facets of play and if they can continue to take this form forward with players remaining injury free, the second half of the season looks very promising. A plus point for the whole of the Ensians team is how they managed to keep themselves disciplined in an at times frustrating circumstances. final score Ensians 22-20 Old Rishworthians