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Otliensians continued their excellent start to 2007, winning their 4th consecutive away fixture in the ever present inclement weather conditions, and with the next two weeks away from league rugby, the Yorkshire Division 4 table will begin to take shape, as the pursuing teams play their games in hand.

Otliensians had first use of the elements, and after a high hanging kick off, Duggan the Otliensians No 8 pressured the defence effecting a charge down and winning the race to the touchdown, 5 - 0 with less than 30 seconds elapsed, Otliensians continued to press, and Foster converted a penalty after 4 minutes.

Modernians came back in to the game, and after a series of forward drives were rewarded with a penalty in the 10th minute. The half was puntuated by many penalties, as the players found the ground underfoot difficult to master, but Otliensians played the elements with great assurance, and Foster converted two further penalties for a deserved 16 - 3 half time lead.

What transpired in the second half was a near perfect example of how to play up hill and in to a howling gale, as the whole Otliensians team contributed to a driving tight game, punctuated by excellently executed close quarter handling, that not only deprived Modernians of any momentum, but forced them to defend for long periods. Modernians were not helped by a heavy penalty count against them, just as Otliensians had suffered in the first half, but such was the pressure created by the Otliensians team, Modernains only had one serious assault on the away team's line in the whole 40 minutes, and
that was repelled with strong organised defence.

The outcome of the game was never in doubt as Foster first exchanged penalties with his opposite number, then rounded off the scoring in the 56th minute for a personal tally of 17 points.

Otliensians as a team again showed tremendous commitment, and no mean skill in the dreadful conditions, and with every member of the side contributing, this was an extremely satisfying result, against a well organised Modernians outfit.

Report supplied by the coach, Gary Walker.